To prove the power of Three’s Mobile’s connectivity, we brought Three’s innovative network and technology to the remote island of Arranmore and reversed over 150 years of emigration.

 The strategy for the campaign repositioned Three from the ‘little guy’ consumer telco to a strong partner for businesses in Ireland. Using Three’s unrivaled capacity to go ‘above and beyond’ for their customers, The Island demonstrated how Three Business had the network power and expertise to re-connect and transform even the most remote challenge.

To showcase Three’s ability to service even large-scale enterprises, we decided to connect a whole island – making it the world’s first smart island in the process.


Arranmore’s population was in steep decline, and owing to the lack of broadband availability, many of the island’s young people were seeking opportunities elsewhere. We felt that by modernising Arranmore through connectivity and technology, we could turn the island’s fortunes around.

Our first step to building a connected island was by introducing Three’s high-speed 5G network to Arranmore. We then helped design and launch a co-working business hub where local entrepreneurs could work in the island’s community centre.

Working closely with the community and Three’s network technologists, we installed innovative IOT solutions across the whole island – transforming the fishery, health and environmental industries along the way. From emergency beacons for fishermen, to smart monitors for the elderly living alone, to smart-tanks on the lobster boats, we harnessed technology to help Arranmore thrive once again and greatly improving the quality of life of the islanders. Most importantly, we enabled the disapora to return and make a home on the island due to being connected to the outside world.

The campaign was a huge success for Three, becoming its best-ever performing film, and increasing awareness among the very audience we set out to reach: Irish businesses. The story of Arranmore made its way around the world, being picked up as far away as the USA and Australia. But it didn’t stop there. Positive sentiment towards Three Business grew by 25%, and the whole campaign achieved €53 million in earned media.


Creative Technologist


Cannes Lions – 1 x Gold Lion, 1 x Silver Lion, 1 x Bronze Lion, 1 x Shortlist
The Caples – 1 x Silver, 1 x Bronze
D&AD – 1 x Wood Pencil
ICAD – 1 x Gold, 3 x Silver, 1 x Bronze


Executive Creative Director: Rory Hamilton
Creative Director: Kris Clarkin
Senior Art Director: Udi Ovadia
Senior Art Director: Jake O'Driscoll
Copywriter: Georgia Murphy
Producer: Karleen Smyth

Created by Boys+Girls.